What We Do – Our Services

Here at Small Presence, we’re always playing with new technologies that can be useful to our small business clients. No matter what though, we’re all about helping small business owners get their business an online presence. This means that as the Internet evolves so do we. Take a look and see what we can do to empower your small business.

Website Design

First and foremost, we build websites. We do so using open source software such as WordPress and the Kohana PHP Framework. This ensures that your website will be easily maintained long into the future without requiring any 3rd party to perform some special actions. This makes having a website more affordable in the long-term.

Each website is designed to match the business’s brand style, like business cards and other forms of marketing. We refuse to use templates for our clients as this reduces the overall impact of the design. We do, though, take into consideration the likes and dislikes of our clients so as to complement their goals with the design. Our clients can always rest assured that they are getting the quality that they need to grow their business to the level they want.

We have a time-tested process for building websites. We start by listening to your(our client’s) goals in plain English. We then translate these goals into an actionable work order. We price the work order and review with you t ensure that we have covered everything that is important to you. Once this is confirmed, we invoice you and begin work after a security deposit is made on the total amount due(30-50% depending on the size of the work order). The work is completed and reviewed with you to make sure all of the work order features have been properly and satisfactorily implemented; in other words, we make sure you are getting what you deserve. Final payment is made on the work order and we launch the new website. This is the same process used for adding to and changing your website in the future.

Brand Design

One of the biggest transitions for a small business owner is creating a recognizable brand for their business. At first, this may simply be a textual logo of their business’s name. As time goes on though, you want your business’s image to grow and mature. This is done by designing a professional brand that can be used in all areas of your business marketing efforts. In simplest terms, having a recognizable business brand means that people can clearly see what business is being represented instantly without thinking. It’s a visual trigger that makes your marketing efforts dramatically more effective. Brand is perception and perception is reality.

Having a consistent business brand adds to the overall credibility of a business by showing that thought has been put into the perception of the business’s brand. This is a key service we offer to our clients. We highly recommend this be complete before designing a website as the website is a marketing effort that depends on having a consistent brand.

When we help you develop your brand, we start by understanding your business and its unique style. What do you want your customers to feel when they think of your business? Elegance, youth, organic, , vitality and peace are just some example moods. The brand will help set the tone for the rest of your marketing efforts.

We take this information and design a design that fits the desired mold. We then create a style guide that will answer all the important questions for anyone designing artwork for your business in the future. This ensures your brand is truly consistent across the board.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a quickly evolving topic these days. It has grown to mean more than just social networking; Social Media refers to any media that is organized by referrals of normal human beings. This can be online review websites, local business search engines, social networks and more. The focus here is on the community. Social Media is a play to play environment. So, how can playing help you and your business?

We use Social Media to increase the exposure of your business. It’s as simple as that. Why would you want to outsource this task to a bunch of nerds like us? Mainly, because your time is limited and the time required to learn and maintain different Social Media venues can be huge. We offer these services in our business to help you focus on your business. We do this by keeping your Social Media presences fresh and up to date and accurate. Don’t worry about information overload. We’ll keep everything in order for you.

Web Automation Development

This is an exciting part of getting your business online. One thing we realize in business is that we want to have a well-thought-out system if doing things. We want to run our business, not the other way around. Ideally, as the business owner, you want to be able to disappear for 3 months and come back to a business that hasn’t imploded on itself. This is where automation comes in to play.

Web automation allows you to nearly eliminate common tasks. This is a slightly more involved process, so it’s hard to outline here. Like other services we offer, it all starts with your needs. From there we’ll develop a custom solution that works for you. If you’d like to chat a bit about the possibilities, just get in touch with us.